Keyword research

Keyword research to find the best SEO keywords for your website

Our team of experts will conduct in-depth research and find the right keywords for your business to drive the right traffic from the search engines.

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Keyword research process

Effective process

Proper research and selection of keywords can increase the ranking of your site and bring new, potential clients.

SEO Samurai Agency - Basic keyword research

Basic keyword research

Through the study of basic keywords, we will determine the market situation specifically in your niche and identify competitors. Based on your business, we will select the keywords that are most often used in search engines when looking for relevant services.

SEO Samurai Agency - Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis

In order to conduct keyword research as accurately as possible, we analyze your competitors. Based on the data already prepared, we will find out who your competitor is and how much traffic they receive thanks to which keywords.

SEO Samurai Agency - Keyword Analysis

Keyword Analysis

After collecting a large number of keywords, we will select the best ones to embed on your website. We will check the search frequency of each word, how many people clicked on the words we need and what is the estimated amount of traffic we can get

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A full SEO website optimization consists of many points, both strategic and technical, but the main task in building a successful SEO company is keyword research. This is what will help your website increase traffic and generate new leads. The SEO Samurai Agency team spends a lot of time researching keywords specifically for the individual needs of the client, while taking into account the location, competition, technical condition of the site, domain authority and many others to make a successful SEO company.

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Our website SEO services begin with a thorough examination of your website, along with statistics, to determine what steps need to be taken to optimize it effectively for search engines.

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