SEO optimisation for Toyota website

The project

Toyota Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky is the official representative of Toyota in Kamchatka. Before Toyota contacted us on a recommendation from a past client, they were trying to improve their site's performance by buying ads.

The dealership wanted to increase its market share, increase the number of visitors to the site and improve the quality of the content on it.

SEO optimisation for Toyota Website - SEO Samurai Agency


At Samurai, we conducted a SEO analysis of the entire Toyota website and found great potential for keyword growth through site optimization, content creation. We also made a new structure. We then conducted a technical SEO analysis looking at factors such as broken links, page load speed and redirects. This was followed by an end-to-end review of content optimization, including keyword research and copy rewriting.

SEO optimisation results for Toyota Website - SEO Samurai Agency


Thanks to the efforts of SEO Samurai Agency, the organic traffic of the official Toyota dealer website increased by 2,197%, the number of unique page views increased by 3,606%. We can also see a very strong growth in keywords.

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